Lavasoft.de ist die Homepage des bekannten PC Sicherheitsunternehmens Lavasoft. Auf dieser Webseite findet sich eine große Übersicht aller verfügbaren Produkte, die je nach Interesse geordnet werden können. Die Produktübersicht reicht von Firewall Programmen über Anti-Viren Systeme bis hin zu Ad-Aware. Die spezifischen Besonderheiten der Programme werden dort ebenfalls besprochen. Desweiteren bietet lavasoft.de ein Hilfecenter, Diskussionsforen und die Produkthandbücher. Auch die häufigsten Fragen werden aufgelistet und beantwortet. Der Besucher wird außerdem über Neuigkeiten und Veranstaltungen informiert. Die Seite ist sowohl auf Deutsch, als auch auf Englisch verfügbar.


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Casino Accuses Cyber Security Provider of Bluffing

Affinity Gaming, a US casino operator, has filed a lawsuit against cyber security provider Trustwave for allegedly failing to contain their data breach. In the lawsuit, the casino operator claims “Trustwave lied when it claimed its so-called investigation would diagnose and help remedy the...

Microsoft Office 365 Introduces New Security Features

The Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Protection team is introducing three new changes to protect users of their email service. The changes are being rolled out in the first quarter of 2016 and include faster detection of malicious attachments, increased efficiency for categorizing spam...

SlemBunk Trojan Disguises Itself as Your Banking App

Last month security researchers at FireEye exposed a family of Android trojans designed to steal login credentials from mobile banking users. This week they followed up with additional information about the malware which is international in scope, actively harvests user credentials, and...

Google Goes Password-Free

      Google is currently testing an authentication system that would allow users to sign in to their accounts using their smartphone instead of a standard alpha-numeric password. As revealed last month by Reddit user Rohit Paul (rp1226) the test is invite-only for select Google...

Microsoft Discontinues Windows 8 Support, Adobe Releases Critical Updates

Microsoft has officially discontinued its support for Windows 8 today. This means that the company will not release additional security patches or provide technical support for home users of the operating system. Older operating systems which are missing critical updates have a greater chance of...

How Much Data Do Video Games Collect About Us?

The data breach at toy company VTech, which exposed the personal information of kids through its internet-connected toys, exhibited one of the dangerous sides of wide-scale data collection for minors. In addition to the typical concerns around a data breach, there was also a fear that the...

TV Streaming Device Endangers Home Networks

Researchers have discovered a number of vulnerabilities in EZCast, a popular streaming device. EZCast is a dongle, similar to Google’s Chromecast, which enables you to connect devices such as laptops, smart phones and tablets to your television set. The dongle is attached to the HDMI port of...

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